Monday, March 31, 2008

Addressing the Envelopes

Finally we have our guest list finalized and it was not easy. We have a lot of family on each side and so we were only able to invite a few friends. I wanted so many more people to come, but we just couldn't make it work. After dragging our feet for a couple months we squared everything away and were ready to address the envelopes.

My friend Jacki has amazing handwriting so I asked her if she would want to help, and she did! She even brought over yummy cinnamon rolls from Dozen Bakery. So good. How come she is the one doing me a favor and she is the one bringing goodies?!

Above is one of Jacki's envelopes, she addressed the actual invite envelopes and I did the save the dates.

This is one of my envelopes. Not as fancy as Jacki's, but it'll do.

Now time to make some return address labels and find some not too ugly stamps. (The purple heart wedding stamp the usps currently has is not so pretty.)


perfectpostage said...

Just a thought ... I have over a 1,000 wedding stamp designs at Custom wedding stamps are my passion.

Emily said...

Beautiful custom wedding stamps! Unfortunately, they are just not in the budget. Especially since my invites keep getting heavier and heavier.

Custom Wedding Postage said...

If you are trying to save money, you can always have the invitations weighed and metered and then you can pay the exact postage rate without having to rounc up to closest stamp denomination. Hope this helps.