Friday, March 28, 2008

Engagement Ring 2.0

My first engagement ring was custom made to fit the diamond Mr. Pineapple picked out, so we have to send it away to have a wedding band made to match. This makes me sad. I will be without my ring for 4 weeks. You would think that being engagement ring free for 4 weeks after being engagement ring free for 23 years would not be so bad. I just love being engaged to Mr. Pineapple and having the ring remind me of how lucky I am every time I look at my hand.

So, I we to Claire's last weekend and got 2 sweet fake cubic zirconia rings for $6.50. (They had their usual BOGO deal.) I purchased 2 because they were all fairly ugly and because I wanted Mr. Pineapple to be able to have a hand in the choice. For a while, I wore the first one, but it felt kind of ridiculous. It is so big and there were definitely clouds in my stones.

Here is the first ring:It's huge! Look at the pseudo blang!

Here is option number 2, smaller stones which is good but there are more of them:
This weekend we spent some time with folks we havn't seen for awhile. All the girls were excited to see my ring. At which point I had to go through the explanation of where my real ring is before they told me how beautiful the fake was. Also, why are my hands gray and pink? Oh silly camera.

Did any of you brides to be have temporary engagement bling?


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh this is too funny... when my ring had to go in to be fixed for 2 weeks I bought the SAME EXACT ring from Claire's! couldn't be without a little bling :)

Emily said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one! That's too funny.