Friday, March 7, 2008

Adults Only

image source: voices in our heads

Mr. Pineapple and I love babies. In fact, we would like to DIY some of our own in the future. Unfortunately, our venue is just not baby friendly.

I have read that putting "adults only" or "adults, please" on the reply cards is frowned upon, looking a little too harsh. However, I have concerns that guests will assume their babies are allowed because they are family (we have a new nephew on each side) even if other babies are not.

I would love to hire a baby sitter for the parents, but 1) it isn't in the budget and 2) when I say babies I mean little babies, the oldest will be only 17 months old. So, finding one baby sitter for all 4 of these little ones may be impossible.

In order to avoid a family feud I think it is necessary to lay it out there, no questions asked.
What do you think?
What should the wording be?


Kristina said...

Perhaps if you are only concerned about one of your guests bringing their baby, you should call them and speak to them about your request. They will appreciate hearing your concerns right from you and it will help them understand the situation.

LindsayZ said...

I think that you should consider providing a babysitter at the Rivers Club or hotel for guests with babies and small children. That is the usual practice for people coming from out of town. Good luck! :)