Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Save the Date Magnets

I am a fan of the trend to send magnets as your save the date. I like that people can just throw them up on the fridge and they won't get lost in the pile of junk mail. On the other hand, I can't help but think they can look kind of cheap, I love love love paper.

So, I decided to combine the two. I am making paper save the dates and little magnets to send along with them. I am still working on the paper portion (I have to jump on that!), but have finished the little magnets.

I made over a hundred of them - just in case. Here is how:
Card Stock Paper
Magnet Sheets
Double Sided Adhesive
1" Hole Punch (used for scrap booking)

1. Draw the monogram using a program such as adobe illustrator. (You can use any program you are comfortable with photoshop, corel draw, microsoft paint - anything. A vector program such as illustrator will, however, give you the smoothest results.)

2. Print out sheets of card stock with about 40 per sheet

3. Apply double sided adhesive to the card stock

4. Peel and stick the card stock to sheets of 5 mil magnet. The brand I bought was about $2 a sheet at Jo-Ann Fabrics. If you don't have adhesive you can buy sheets with adhesive already on them. Such as this one.

5. Using a 1" round paper punch, punch out the individual circles. Here is the one I have.

How are you doing your save the dates?

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