Monday, March 24, 2008


One of the first things Mr. Pineapple and I decided to cut because of budget was floral centerpieces on every table. I absolutely love flowers. Growing up I dreamed of being a florist. In elementary school, my plan was to open a shop called the Flow-Pop Shop. Each bouquet would contain real flowers along with chocolate ones. Anywho...

I love the look of candles so creating candle centerpieces to replace the flower ones doesn't hurt too much. I made sure to ask about decorating and candle restrictions when we visited venues and fortunately our venue has none. In fact, they supply each table with 4-5 three inch votives.

I have been searching the internet for a few months now for discount pillar candles. There were a few websites I almost purchased from, particularly They sell four-packs of pillar candles for $13.99 each. My plan was then to use 3 per table and buy 15 packs for $209.85 + tax + shipping and handling. We are using 6-person rectangular tables rather than the typical 8-10 person round, but it still worried me that 3 candles would be too skimpy.

Then I decided to go to Ikea's website to find plates or chargers of some sort to put the candles on. Lo and behold they sell 5 packs of pillar candles for $7.99! I could then get 5 candles for each table for only $159.80! Such a better deal. So, I went to Ikea on Saturday after a so-so trip to pick up my dress...more on that to come. Here is what I left with:

I have until June 20th to return them if for some reason I change my mind.

As far as what to put under and around the candles? I am still not sure. I will probably go with 10" mirrors from ($2.39/each) for under them and of course the paper roses somewhere. I think there still may need to be another detail like ribbons around some of the candles.

Any suggestions? Something vintage-y perhaps?

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