Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Paper Roses Project Begins

My coffee filters for the paper roses project have arrived!
After searching around the internet for cheap cone shaped coffee filters I found the best deal at Amazon.com. I decided to go with the "natural" colored filters. I thought the white would be too much white and I also did not want to have to paint all of the roses like Martha did. There was no mention of what size filters were needed so I bought size #6. This is a plus in two ways 1) they are the largest available and 2) they are the type of filters my coffee pot uses just in case this project ends up being a bust.After receiving the filters I may do some white and some natural after all. They filters are quite brown. Also, depending on how long they take my bridesmaid Katie and I to create, I may want to make more.

Has anyone else attempted this project?

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