Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Picking Up the Dress - Round 1

I went to David's on Saturday with my Bridesmaid Katie to try on and take home my gown. (** Don't you dare click that link Mr. Pineapple ;) **) It was a size smaller than the one I tried on in the store. When I first put it on it was too tight in the boobs. Luckily though, not way too tight. The dress has built in boning and such that allows you to go bra-less. Initially I thought I would feel really uncomfortable without a bra. However, one I took it off I couldn't even tell and the top of the dress fit perfectly. Loosing the bra (which went down to my hips) made the waist too loose, but nothing alterations cannot fix.

The dress end up with a failing grade though. Katie noticed a light spot on the front of the dress. It look like some sort of discoloration in the fabric rather than a stain. So, David's said they would "fail the dress" and order me a new one. Hopefully it will get here soon! I can't wait to take it home!

Has anyone had any trouble with David's Bridal? Should I worry that this is a sign of bad things to come?


Jenna said...

I can't wait to see it. What style was it?

Emily said...

Hey Jenna, it isn't quite your style, but it is the last one in the dress shopping post below