Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I love the unique color of my engagement ring (rose gold) and wanted to somehow incorporate it into the wedding. My primary concern was that I would not be able to find enough accents that were the same tone. So, I decided to use champagne as a base color and copper as an accent. They have a similar feel as rose gold, but are much more common.

Here are some of the details I have so far in the copper color family:

Copper has turned out to be a pretty tough color as well. Some coppers are really dark, almost a burnt umber (such as the paper for my invite). Other coppers like the flashing in the photo above are really bright.

I have not exactly decided what I am going to do with the above items yet. Some of my ideas are to use the flashing to make the place cards and cover the guest book, the ribbon to cover the metal cups the tea light candles sit in and the crazy sparkley leaves inside the candles holders.

Any ideas of how I can incorporate copper on a budget? (Yes, pennies are cheap - like 1 cent each ;) - but also cheesy maybe?)

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