Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Since the ladies will be wearing all black, I will be in champagne, and Mr. Pineapple will be in black, he and I thought black for the groomsman's suits would be too much dark (it's a wedding not a funeral). So, we decided on gray. In keeping with the different dresses for the bridesmaids we will have the boys wear any gray suit they would like, a look such as this:

I prefer the light gray, but it really is neither here nor there.

Our wedding colors still had not come into play with the attire at this point (other than my gown). So in order to incorporate a bit of copper and champagne we decided to buy ties for all the men. Again, they are all in the same color family, but different.

My fiance will be wearing the solid copper tie on the right. We got a great deal on these ties at Macy's. We dropped in to check out the selection after attending a fairly traumatic bridal show.

Has anyone else left this much up to chance as far as attire is concerned? How did it go?

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bobviegas said...

Dibs on the dots.