Friday, March 14, 2008

Paper Roses

I was checking out Style Me Pretty's Handmade Weddings at and saw these lovely vintage inspired paper roses.
At $5.00 for 3 roses (times 33) they are a bit out of my budget. I am looking to replace typical floral arrangements as centerpieces with candles and other special touches.

I googled "how to make paper roses" and most of the results were not very attractive. The roses looked like paper wrapped around a stick and were not as realistic as the esty roses. Eventually I came upon Martha Stewart's paper roses via Mommy Makes Roses.

Martha's version are pretty big and colored with water colors - a bit more gaudy than the etsy ones, but we're getting closer! Martha's roses are made out of cone coffee filters.

I am going to give these a shot with the help of my bridesmaid, Katie, with a couple variations to Martha's instructions. First of all, I am going to make the roses small by leaving off a few of the outer petals. This will make them more dainty and save me money on coffee filters.

I am also going to use "natural" colored filters instead of white. I don't want the roses to look like real roses made of paper, I want them to look simply like paper roses. Plus the natural filters will give them the vintage look of the etsy roses.

I'll give you updates at the project begins!

What do you think, good enough to replace the real thing?

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