Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Buzz About the Blogs

Everyone these days is talking about the Etsy Handmade Wedding Series, and for good reason! There are great articles from blogger you may know such as Style Me Pretty and Poppytalk.

I bookmark pages from Esty everyday with inspiration and items to add to my wish list. Here are some of them (I am on a bit of a jewelry kick at the moment):

Row 1: Persephone Necklace, Copper Dome Key Chain, Seven Sisters Stacking Rings
Row 2: Copper Plated Bell Charms, Copper Satin Fabric, Vintage Copper Star Flower Earrings
Row 3: Hammered Copper Earrings, Samanthas Earrings, King Midas Garden Necklace

Row 1: Lola Lola Necklace, Copper and Silver Leaf Mirror, Victoria Bobby Pins
Row 2: Vintage Carved Ivory Flower Necklace, Vintage Paper Roses, Turning Leaf Votive Holder
Row 3: Ivory Rose Earring, Pocket Album, Embossed Copper Notebook

What are some of your treasured Etsy finds?


Christina said...

Thanks for the shout out and your beautiful jewelry picks! I love this palette and that lacy piece (on the bottom right) is just amazing.

Emily said...

Thank you Christina for stopping by!