Monday, March 24, 2008

Lining Envelopes - Part II

Today I began the DIY envelope lining project.
Paper you would like to line with
Paper Cutter
Double Stick Tape
Card Stock or Cardboard

Step 1: Create Your Template
This was definitely the hardest part of the project. I traced around the envelope onto a thin piece of cardboard. Then I drew a line slightly inside the outline and one line below where the lick and stick part would be. Now, this sounds simple enough, but for some reason it took me several templates to get the angles on the top portion just right.

Step 2: Trace Template on Lining Paper

Step 3: Cut Out Lining Paper

Step 4: Insert Lining Paper into Envelope

Step 5: Tape
I found that you only need on strip of tape for each envelope. Place the strip of tape right were my fingers are in the bottom left photo.

Step 6: Close the envelope and crease. VOILA, FIN!

1 comment:

Kristina said...

Very Nice!!! what a great idea! I love the use of the vector art too. It's a great way to customize your colors even better than a professional printer might be able to.