Monday, March 17, 2008


1. Neither Mr. Pineapple nor myself belong to a church.
2. Most of our guests would be traveling from out of town and out of state.
3. We love to eat.

These were the drivers for our venue selection. We wanted to find a location where we could have both the ceremony and the reception.

This first place we visited was absolutely gorgeous, Springwood. (Their website is awful, you have been warned...)Pros:
• ceremony and reception in one location
• on-site catering
• on-site sounds system
• beautiful, especially when we visited in the fall
• both inside and outside spaces to entertain
• not too big and not too small

• the ceremony would have to be outside and I am afraid of the weather
• rain site was an outdoor tent - still scary and moist
• it was located about 45 minutes out of the city
and the one that broke the camel's back
• expense, it would have been almost twice what we wanted to spend

The Second place we looked at was in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, The Rivers Club.Pros:
• Indoor ceremony and reception
• Close to our home
• on-site executive chef
• per guest cost includes food, open bar, cake, linens, china, dance floor, sound system and 5 candles per table
• no restrictions on decor
• no minimums
• no time restrictions, we have access to the entire club, including gym, all day
• within our budget
• on-site event planner

• the curtains in photo 2 :)

So, the winner is... The Rivers Club!
The decor is a bit fancy 1990s, but it will do. Mr. Pineapple took me to the club for dinner on Valentine's day and the food was amazing. I cannot wait to do our menu tasting in a couple weeks!

So, we chose our location after just two site visits. Yay for the internet!

Is anyone else planning a ceremony and reception in the same location?

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