Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Invitation Progress!

Many of the details of the reception have not been hammered out, such as the menu and hotel. However, I wanted to get started on my multiple piece, time consuming invitations. The two most time and labor intensive pieces are the folder and the actual invite. Luckily I had all the information I needed on those pieces.

White Card Stock
Copper Card Stock
Double Sided Adhesive
Paper Cutter (to save time, otherwise scissors or an exacto knife will work)
Bone Folder (you can substitute a pen with out the ink barrel and a popsicle stick)

The folder is on the left in the image, unfolded. The reverse side is a copper pattern. It will be folded in three and hold all the reception and ceremony details. (More on those pieces to come.) I purchased 80# cover paper from an online wholesaler and had them printed digitally. Then I scored the paper where the folds will be and cut them out.

For the white portion of the invitations I used the same paper and same printing method. I then purchased copper metallic card stock from a vendor online and trimmed it out to 5" x 7". I applied double sided adhesive to the white portion and then trimmed them out. The last step was to peel and stick!

I made 100 invites and folders, even though this is more than I will need. I assumed I would mess a bunch of them up, but I didn't (yet)!

I have a feeling, after all is said and done, these are not going to be cheap to mail. Anyone have to spend a fortune just to get their invites in the post?

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