Friday, March 21, 2008

Engagement Photos

I had many amazing professors while I was attending Carnegie Mellon, one of which was Charlee Brodsky. After graduating we worked together on the School of Design's newsletter, Re:View. Working with Charlee is always a wonderful experience. During our many months working on Re:View I lived in 4 homes with 5 different cats, a dog, several goldfish, and 4 different roommates. For the cars I purchased 2 new tires, a new battery, a few windshield wipers and a new wheel. Also, I got my first pair of glasses and my first fiance :)

Engagement photos were not one of the things to make the tight budget, but Charlee said she "would love to take pictures" of Mr. Pineapple and I. She is amazing.

She took a lot of photos of both of us as well as of parts of us. We are going to get together next weekend to put together some sort of composition of the images for the save the dates. In the meantime I did some quick edits, here are a few of the results: (Mr. P is dapper, no?)

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Jenna said...

I can't wait to see what you put together from all of these. I love the "parts of you" pictures the most.