Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dress Shopping!

My bridesmaids and mother live all over the east coast. My sister (MOH) lives in NYC, The other girls live in Boston, Orlando and West Palm Beach. I have one Pittsburgh gal, Katie, and I am glad she is within arms reach - and crafty! I am lucky to have amazing friends who flew all the way to frozen Pittsburgh to help me find my gown. Since everyone was only going to be here for one weekend, I had to make it count.

I heard some bad things about David's Bridal, but really wanted it to work. I had a back-up appointment about an hour away just in case, but I didn't need it!

Here is the dress shopping adventure, you will notice some of the dresses I have on are ones I posted about earlier.

I really loved the waistline of this dress, it made me feel super skinny! The beading looked a little cheap or something.

This dress did not meet requirement number three, too much boobage.

I loved this dress, well the idea of this dress. Once I had it on it did this weird pucking thing below the waist, very disappointing.

This was my least favorite of all the gowns. It made me feel like a fatty. The waist was really wide. You can see me trying to make myself skinny in the left shot...didn't work.

This was my favorite from the pictures. However, I am not built like the model wearing the dress and I didn't want to get my hopes up. It was also the most expensive dress I had planned on trying on, so in the back of my head I was almost hoping I wouldn't like it on.

Then, once I had it on I loved it! I loved the color, I loved the ruffles! This dress was a size too big which threw me off a bit, but once it was clipped tighter I loved everything about it!

As soon as I put this gown on I said "Um, what is this made of? It's crunchy." It was also shiny and not very pretty. Not a winner.

I also really loved this dress on. The halter top kept me in place and was flattering. Other than that there really wasn't anything special or unique about it. It was still in the top two of the day. Also, after looking at is in the photos, I'm not impressed.

Now this dress my maids and Mom Pineapple picked out as a joke. They picked the biggest (and heaviest!) dress in the store. I was completely lost in it. Oh the poof! It even stood up on its own without anyone inside it!

Trying on all the gowns still felt somewhat surreal. Like I was trying on costumes for a play. Until, the veil and headpiece. As soon as she put them on me I turned completely red all over and had to fight back tears. The dress looked so different with the accessories. The veil is perfect, slightly girly, slightly vintage. At first I was anti-headpiece but this one was perfect for me- champagne and ivory pearls.

The final choice!

Anyone else find THE dress on their first try (in less than and hour and fifteen mintutes for that matter)?


Jenna said...

My best friend is going to go with the all-lace version of the dress you picked. I love the veil and I am going to show her that picture and see what she thinks.

Anonymous said...

Your Mom looks mad or something in that picture.  HMMM  Love, Mom

Emily said...

MOM! You posted a COMMENT on a BLOG! I am so proud of you! Look at you internetting, you little internetter.
<3 Emmy Lou

Patrice said...

Love your first dress most among all your selected dresses.