Friday, March 14, 2008

Sketchbook Guest Book

I have been stumbling along the internet trying to think of a creative guest book that would be more than just names.

I love the idea of a Polaroid guest book, like the one above seen here. This may end up costing more than it is worth since I will have so many photos of the guests from the photographer. I would have to invest in a camera and the not-so-cheap film.

My second idea is to do a Sketchbook Guest Book. I have always loved sketchbooks, since my days in art school. So many little pieces of art in one place.

I am planning on making my guest book by purchasing a perfect bound book and cover it in copper flashing. I will definitely post more about this project when it approaches. Then along with pens next to the book I will have small pieces of paper, glue sticks and colored pencils. (I'll try to pick tidy craft supplies.) Then ask everyone to make a little drawing or doodle on the scrap along with their name and put it in the book with a glue stick.

What do you guys think? Will people be into it? Too messy?


Jenna said...

I think that the sketchbook idea depends on your guests. I know that my guests would NOT be into it, they just wouldn't feel confident enough in their artistic abilities. The nice thing about the polaroid idea is that even though it is really common, because Kodak is no longer making polaroid film I think it will one day turn into something cool, like using Super 8mm cameras to film the wedding.

mom said...

Maybe you could consider using double stick tape instead of glue.  I think your guests that are not as creative may cause your pages to be messy and even stick together.  Maybe you could use copper or lacey papers to keep the elegence.  And...maybe nice black and copper pens.  A champaigne paper and copper pen would be nice.

mom said...

One more thing...Maybe you could actually attatch the things yourself.  Then you would have just the book and pens.  You might be able to incorporate some nice fabrics in this book as well as paper.  Next thing...How to actually get your guests to contribute....Maybe you could have your close family and bridal party start the book and then people would get the idea of what you want them to do. mom  

Emily said...

Hmm this is going to be a tough one. If i just have paper and pens then maybe people will just write their name. Also, only one or two people could sketch at a time. If the paper was separate then a few people could doodle at once. Maybe I will just put them in the book later?