Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What to Wear

One of the very first decisions I made about my wedding was concerning the bridesmaid's dresses. Only one of my maids lives in the same state as I do and I knew it would be a nightmare trying to get everyone together to get the perfect dress for everyone. I also want my bridesmaids and best friends to feel pretty and comfortable in what they are wearing.

So, I decided on letting each girl pick out any black dress they wanted. My only request was that it be tea-length. Here are some great dresses I found from J.Crew:

How do you feel about the black? Too dark or chic?


Jenna said...

I love the idea of letting my bridesmaids show their personality through the dresses they choose. I think that giving them a few guidelines to follow is a good idea as well. A little continuity never hurt.

Anonymous said...

Love these jcrew ideas. Thanks.

Tiffany said...

Chic. Definitley. Great choice!

Emily said...

thanks tiff! what are your ladies wearing? I want to know everything about your wedding haha (it's nice to have a wedding day twin!)