Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exciting News and an Early Name Change!

Hi, allow me introduce myself. My name is Miss Pineapple!!!!

I found out this morning that I will be one of the New-bees at Wedding Bee! They are going to do my official intro in May once some of the other bees start getting hitched.

My name will be Miss Pineapple, so no more Emily around these parts (or Ryan for that matter).

I will still be blogging on this site and then my posts will be put up on the Wedding Bee site. I will be going back through my past posts and changing my name and such. If you are not familiar with the site you should be, it is a wonderful resource, especially for DIY brides. In addition to having posts from to-be brides they have discussion boards, classifieds and more!


Annie said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome. You will do a fabulous job.

Anonymous said...

But I don't even like pineapples much... unless there's a meatball or smoothie involved.

-Mr. Pineapple

Emily said...

Thanks Annie!

Mr. Pineapple: Meatballs? Really? Ew.
Also, I think you like this particular pineapple a whole lot.