Monday, April 14, 2008

Soon everyone will know... Save the Date!

Ryan and I put together our save the dates last night.
Lesson learned:
I made way too many of everything. I have a bunch of extra magnets. After sealing all the envelopes I wish I would have put two magnets in each one. The cards are bigger than I originally envisioned and the magnets barely hold them onto the fridge. I am also worried that people will not realize there is a magnet in the envelope and they will get thrown out. An alternative would be to make different magnets, but it was too late for that one.

Here is a recap of the whole kit n' kaboodle:
The front:

The Back:Here is a shot of how it (barely) works with the magnet. Hopefully, my friends and family don't slam refrigerator doors:
Organized chaos. I had a flashback to middle and high school when I did all of my homework and artwork on my bed or floor. Back then I didn't have cats trying to eat all of the pieces of paper from the back of the labels, nom nom nom nom.
Ryan's task was to seal the envelopes and add the return address labels. We ended up going with the "Tiffany" stamps at the post office. The cream background was a perfect match and they are not as cheesy as the "wedding hearts." I love custom stamps (in fact we got a sheet of them from a friend as a gift), but they end up costing about twice as much.


Loaf said...

These are SO GORGEOUS. I love the magnets (even if they don't hold everything so well...) and the photo of you two holding hands--just gorgeous. So simple and sweet. And great color scheme, too!

Emily said...

Thanks Loaf! I am glad you like them. If you bump into my friends and family tell them not to toss the magnets haha