Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So Happy to Be(e) Here!

Hi yin'z, I am Miss Pineapple and I am thrilled to be a new bee!
Pineapple is perfect for me! In addition to loving to eat pineapple, the fruit and I go way back. Growing up in Florida, my family had a patch of pineapple plants in our backyard. We grew the sweetest pineapples you could imagine. Instead of being grounded, when my siblings and I got into trouble we had to weed the pineapples. Prickly little buggers they are!

I am now a Pittsburgher planning a non-religious, city wedding with my love, Mr. Pineapple. Mr. P and I met 4 years ago when I was a student at Carnegie Mellon University and he was my supervisor. Scandalous!!! Well, not really. Mr. P and I were both in relationships at the time and had no interest in dating. Was he even as cute back then? He must not have been or else surely I would have noticed.

A few years later, Mr. P and I were both single, still kept in touch, and I worked for him designing some ads. We decided to meet one night to hang out for the first non-worked-related time. After I got over the shock that I was falling for my former boss, we were attached at the hip. It wasn't long before we started wondering what we were going to do with four cats.

Speaking of which, let me introduce you to the family:
On the left is Mr. Pineapple holding an angry Onyx after a bath. Onyx is actually a monkey in disguise. Top right is Harrison, he wont eat cat treats, but he will devour bread and chips if he can find them! On the bottom right is the lovely Zazu. Until about 3 months ago she used to run and hide every time she saw Mr. P. Now, she even jumps on his lap. Yay, progress. The fourth kitty mentioned earlier is now living about an hour away from us.

No, I am not a crazy cat lady, we are just a modern-day hybrid family.

I am super excited to share with you fellow wedding lovers the biggest design project I have ever been given. Prepare yourselves for lots of design, photography and crafting (and hopefully a little bit of line dancing too)!


Jenna said...

Oh Emily, I am so happy for you! You are living my dream. As soon as I get engaged, I hope to be joining you as one of the bee's! You will be so fantastic, and hopefully get tons of helpful advice from the hive.

Emily said...

You are too sweet Jenna! Thank you!