Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Photographer Search - Part Fin!

I knew about Mary Mervis's work before Ryan and I even started dating. I was at a coffee shop with some coworkers and noticed her work on the walls. I loved it and pointed it out to my coworkers. Low and behold one coworker said, "Oh that is Mary Mervis, she is a friend of ours and shot our wedding!" - mental note taken

Fast forward to Ryan and I as a couple. We were visiting Ryan's friends Pete and Tina who were recently married and I loved the shots of their wedding throughout their home. They were lovely and definitely captured the feel of the wedding. Tina said "yeah, I don't even know how she got that shot, but I love it." Sounds good to me, an invisible photographer with wonderful work. -second mental note taken

At this point I had pretty much decided that Mary would photograph my wedding... to someone, someday. I looked around at some other photographers (such as Melody Farrin and Bob Fritz) but in the end Mary's work felt right.

I emailed Mary 10 months before the wedding hoping she had the date open, and she did! Ryan and I met with Mary and discussed have two of her assistants shoot the wedding, rather than one Mary. Her assistants have the same artistic viewpoint and have worked with her for years. She has hundreds (thousands?) of images on two sites, and her pbase galleries. Here are some shots taken by either Mary or one of her assistants:
Above is our friend Tina, mentioned earlier.

Again, Pete and Tina.

This is a shot of my coworker and his wife mentioned earlier. They had a great 1920's themed wedding, even the guests wore period clothing.

How did you know your photographer was "the one?"

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