Friday, October 31, 2008

Ohmigoodness! - The PWC

... and by PWC I mean the post wedding chop!

I joined the bridal masses and cut of my lovely lady locks. I have not had short hair since an uber-traumatic hair cut at age 6 where I was called out as "a boy with a dress on." I have to say though, I am lovin' it!
I spent a day last week back in the 'burgh to take my gown to be cleaned and to have my hair cut by the lovely Jamie at Philip Pelusi who did my wedding hair. Working in a creative field can be tough and I love it when clients give me a lot of freedom so I try to do the same for other creative folks. I just told Jamie I wanted to go shorter and just to do whatever she thought would be cute.
When she finished with the cut it felt sooooo light and cool. I was, for the first time in a long time, conscious that there was a back to my neck. I feel so much older and sophisticated. Having the same hair cut for almost 20 years is comforting, but I am so happy about this change. (And Mr. Pineapple keeps telling me how cute I am, which is a nice perk!)

Do you plan on doing the PWC?