Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet Annie the Versary Tree

This week Mr. Pineapple and I planted a tree on his father's property that we have dubbed Annie - the anniversary tree. We hope to visit Annie at least once a year and take a family photo. This year with just our little two-person family.

We purchased Annie for $15 at a local nursery called Musser Forrests. Mr. P had done some research ahead of time on the Musser website and thought we should go with the "October Glory" Maple. After about 30 minutes of searching their land the lovely folks at Musser found our tree. She is a fairly fast growing maple that keeps fall color longer than most. Her colors range from yellow to bright red. If all goes as planned Annie will grow to be 30-50 feet tall.

We planted our tree at the top of a hill where Mr. P and I have spent many a night in our tent and next to a warm fire. Luckily Mr. P's father dug a hole for us with his backhoe while we were at the nursery, saving us a whole lotta labor. Don't worry I did help Mr. P with the planting, I wasn't taking photos the entire time. :)
We have high hopes for our little tree, hopefully we've done everything right to give her a good start.
Family portrait number one

Do you have any plans to commemorate your anniversary?

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your blog. Hope you guys have a happy and blessed life! Dana