Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love Again: Rehearsal Dinner

After our rehearsal we headed over to the bar/restaurant where Mr. Pineapple went on our first date. (Although we didn't know it was a date at the time.) Smokin' Joe's Saloon was just a couple blocks from where both Mr. P and I lived at the time and we met there after work almost every day, no joke. So this little bar with the best condiments I have ever had and 60 beers on tap became our home away from home.

Ew! Mom and Dad! hehe

Best Man Erik and Phil

This is managaer Mike, whitness of our relationship since day one.

I was a little unsure about our choice to have our rehearsal dinner at a bar at first. Once we arrived, I was so glad we did. Everyone had a blast, Mike the manager even moved the table out of the way so we could practice our line dancing for the next day. It was a wonderfully laid back way to celebrate and pay tribute to the place where it all began.

Are you having an untraditional rehearsal dinner?

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