Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Love Again: The Rehearsal

When Carnegie Mellon student, Mingwei Tay, e-mailed me to see if he could shoot our wedding my hands were tied. We had already hired a photography duo with a single photographer clause in their contract. This clause is super smart because if several people are trying to take photos as you are it can make the process very difficult. When we met with one of the photographers, Tammy, I asked if there were any chance Mingwei could take photos for his portfolio. She thought it was a great idea for him to get some experience and I knew we had made the right choice of photographers. (So yep, we had three photographers with us at our wedding. Overkill, you bet. Guests joked that they were our paparazzi.)

Mingwei has already given me a DVD of photos from both our rehearsal and wedding day, but I am going to wait to share the latter with you until I have all the pro-pics, so you don't have to sit through two recaps. Until then, the rehearsal!
Meet Emily, the much loved event coordinator for the Rivers Club.

Sister Pineapple practicing her walk down the aisle and looking like me. Creepy.

That's my dear ol' dad and I ready for our walk. I wore the dress from our first wedding and a jacket to dress it down a bit. I am considering even have it dyed black so it is even more re-wearable. What do you think?

Mr. P looking very serious. Not a look seen too often from him.

All of the gents lined up. Apparently this is the part where I took over for Emily.

The wonderful Judge Mary Jane Bowes. Not only was she no longer obligated to officiate our wedding since we were already wed, but she certainly didn't have to attend the rehearsal. She was the perfect fit for us. She was chic and witty, keeping everyone on their toes.

Practicing gazing lovingly into Mr. Pineapple's eyes, an easy task.

Mr. P and I chose to hold hands throughout the ceremony.

Meanwhile our parents are looking concerned. This is Mr. P's dad and stepmother, Sandi. Maybe they were just getting hungry.
This is my mom doing what she does best, asking my dad a question. I would bet $5 that she said something along the lines of "Mark, what if we forgot to _______." She is the only one I know who worries more than I do. Luckily, because of my mom's many lists I'm pretty sure we didn't forget a thing.

Next up, grub and libations!

Are you planning on having a camera handy for your rehearsal and dinner?

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Tiffany Priester said...

We were very fortunate that our wedding photographer was also willing to photograph the rehearsal, so yes! He wanted to take that time to take pictures of course, but mainly to get a feel of the church, "eye up" some shots for the ceremony, get to know the wedding party even just a tad before following everyone around the next day, etc. I love our rehearsal pictures just as much as I love our wedding pictures! I'm so glad we have both!