Monday, November 24, 2008

Mom Pineapple, She's a Crafty One

One of my favorite gifts I got at my bridal shower was made by Mom Pineapple, a dress shopping scrapbook.

Way back before I was a bee, my folks and bridesmaids flew from all over the east coast to go dress shopping with me. I didn't want to plan the weekend before March because Pittsburgh winters can be messy. However, I didn't want to wait too long just in case the dress would take a while to arrive. So March it was. I was wrong about the weather being okay. Almost every flight was delayed and our neighborhood (home to the steepest streets in the world) was covered in ice.
After we got everyone to the house and fed were we able to actually have some fun in the snow. Kim and Lindsay, from Florida, I am pretty confident enjoyed the snow the most. We built a snowman with stubby arms (thanks to Kim) and ears. Then my sister decided the snowman needed a heart and hair made from strawberry syrup.
He looked like he was impaled.

Then first thing Saturday morning we went David's Bridal, the only store we ended up visiting. After an hour and fifteen minutes I had my gown.
Having all of my best friends go shopping with me was a wonderful experience. It really meant a lot to me and now, thanks to my mom, I have a lovely book to remember the weekend by.

Were you able to bring your bridal party dress shopping with you?

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