Monday, December 1, 2008

An Evening with the Candy Corns

Last Monday Mr. Pineapple called me from work and said "Hey, do you want to go to Philly tomorrow?" Turns out, he had to go to Philly (4.5 hours away) for an hour and a half for work. Lucky for me I was able to tag along and Mr. and Mrs. Candy Corn were able to entertain me! They lived just a few minutes from the hotel where we were staying.
Mr. and Mrs. CC picked me up from my hotel and we headed to Chili's. They were both just as cute, sweet and funny as you could imagine. Mrs. CC was the first bee I had ever met in real life. It seemed like I already knew everything about her just from Weddingbee. I knew her apartment was crazy colors, that she had a thousand pets, and that she was wonderfully wacky.

After dinner, we headed to our second chain restaurant of the evening, T.G.I. Friday's. (Um, does anyone know why the Friday is possessive?) Where we met Mr. P after his presentation.
Yay for the short hair and glasses crew!

The Candy Corns picked me up for dinner at 6:30 and we finally called it a night after midnight. Spending almost 6 hours with the Candy Corns definitely made the trip worth it!

Have you ever seen a bee blogger in real life?

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Shannon McLaughlin said...

aww i had such a blast with you two! i hope you're doing well! :) xoxo