Thursday, November 6, 2008

Erg! Adventures in Gown Preservation

Last week I took my gown to David's Bridal to have it cleaned and preserved by a third party. This morning I woke up in a panic. My grandmother made a hand kerchief for my mom to carry when my folks were married. I pinned the same hankey under my gown on our wedding day. Well, guess who forgot to take out the hankey before shipping off her dress? Ugh.

The hankey is more important to me than my gown so I am kicking myself, hard. I called the preservation place and they said my gown was not yet entered into their system. In order to find it in their shipping dock I would need the UPS tracking number. Of course, my luck, David's didn't give me my copy of the tracking slip so they have no record of the number either.

My options were either to call the preservation folks back every day and hope to catch my gown in between being entered in their system and being cleaned. Or to just have them ship it back to me in all its poofy dirty glory. I chose the latter. Now the tricky part is no one knows where my gown is exactly. It is probably in with the 200 gowns the preservation place receives per day. In a box, under hundreds of other identical boxes. They took down my information and said when they enter my dress in their system they will just ship it to my home as is. Fingers crossed.

The manager at David's who helped me resolve my alterations issues back in the day was once again very helpful. It was their mistake not to give me the tracking info, but I am the one who made the bigger mistake of leaving the hankey in my dress to begin with. She said that once I get my gown back and retrieve the hankey, just to bring it back into the store and they will ship it out again for free.

I am a goober.

UPDATE: Already! Mary Ann, the woman who I called 3 times ths morning in a panic, just called me. She went out back to see which gowns were being checked in and guess what? They had my box in their hands! She retrieved my hankey and is going to ship it back to me today. She said she will call back with all the tracking info. Sweet!

Sometimes people are so freakin' helpful and I love them.

Am I alone in my gown preservation blunder?

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