Friday, November 21, 2008

Love Again: Rehearsal Dinner Gifts

At our rehearsal dinner, after a quick thank you and explanation of the RD location, Mr. Pineapple and I gave our bridal party small tokens of our appreciation.

I made the lovely ladies rose colored freshwater pearl necklaces and matching earrings. The clasps are my favorite part of the necklaces, copper roses. Everyone seemed to genuinely love them and even though it was up to them, all five wore their new jewelry the next day. (Apparently I am not cut out to be a jeweler because Sister Pineapple's necklace broke during the reception. I'll shelf that career along with cake decorator.)

I also bought the girls each a wrap to wear the next day. We were planning on taking photos outside and mother nature was planning on 50 degrees. I choose 5 wraps in 5 different colors that I thought each girl would like the best.

I made my sister a wild teal hair flower on a headband to match her teal wrap. She looked like Kenley from project runway.

The last gift I want to share is one given to us by Bridesmaid Katie.
She framed our invitation and made paper quilled flowers out of the additional cards that came along with our invite. This was a perfect gift for someone who cared about the details as much as I did. Thank you Katie!

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