Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cleveland Foodiemoon: The Brownstone Inn

Our foodiemoon began everyday with a wonderful breakfast from the Brownstone Inn Bed & Breakfast just two miles from the heart of downtown. The inn was such a wonderful choice by Mr. Pineapple. I loved staying at the Brownstone Inn because for the most part a beautiful hotel is still just a hotel and often they lack charm and character. The was definitely no lack of character here.

The home was built in 1874 and is on the National Register of Historical Places. The owner, Robin Yates, was a great cook and an amazing host. He has been living in the home for 34 years and has run it as a B&B for eight. In the morning he would chat with use making sure we were enjoying our stay and recommending some of his favorite spots.
Mr. P and I had "the wedding room" at the top of the town house. It was a nice big room with a private bathroom. Above the bed was a turn of the century wedding photo. The price was right too at $89/night.

When I used to picture those who stayed at B&Bs I would imagine my parents, on the verge of retirement. However, the other guests who were also staying at the Brownstone were all 20-somethings who shared our same interest in politics and Mr. P's interest in micro-brews. Breakfast was always really yummy and full of lively conversation.
We may be back to Cleveland in a couple weeks and if we are, we will most certainly stay at the Brownstone again.

Do you enjoy staying at bed and breakfasts?

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