Friday, October 17, 2008

Brace Yourself

I cannot believe it is the day before our wedding. Although we were married in a small ceremony a month ago, nothing quite compares to the excitement I feel about tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I finally get to vow my life, love and support to my best friend with our friends and family there to witness. Tomorrow is the day we get to celebrate our love with those we love.

Thank you Mr. Pineapple for showing me what it is like to be truly loved unconditionally, for already taking care of me in sickness and in health, and certainly for richer or poorer. I love you, I love our home filled with laughter, cats and a crazy pup.

A big thank you to the hive for all your wonderful ideas and encouragement. Mr. P and I went through some rough times this past year and without Weddingbee, I probably would have been a mess. Not to mention Mr. P's head would have exploded thinking about things he has never had to before like shoes and crinoline.

After this you probably wont hear from me for a few days. Mr. P and I are heading to the lovely state of Ohio for our minimoon. We'll be back though with tons of stories and photos to share!

Thanks again and LOTS of love!
-Miss/es Pineapple

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