Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Sweetest Addition

When I was a very little girl my parents used to take all of our Easter candy and put it above the freezer so they could ration how much we ate at a time. Well, there was no fooling me. I would sit in front of the freezer with my arms outstretched making sure no one could get to my candy stash.

I never out grew my obsession for sweet treats and growing up sometimes my mom and I would sneak off to the mall and hit the candy store instead of the food court for lunch. (In case you are wondering, no she didn't win "Mother of the Year" that year. I am pretty sure with all this wedding help 2008 is going to be her year though.)

Last week Mom Pineapple and I were at the local greasy spoon eating french fries and ice cream for dinner. It was a couple days after my Sweetest Day post and we were talking about the funny holiday and about Mom and Dad Pineapple being married on Flag Day. I said "if ever there was a excuse to have a candy buffet, Sweetest Day would be it." Mom Pineapple put down her spoonful of turtle sundae and said "Wait. What is a candy buffet?" Her eyes got huge as I described a table full of colorful candy and what has to be one of the biggest bridal trends in recent years.

Once Mom Pineapple's wheels started turning there was no stopping her with talk of giant pixi sticks and a fish bowl full of Swedish fish. Needless to say, once our bowls were clean we headed across the street to the dollar store in search of candy dishes.
Here is the sign for our candy buffet. We bought both this frame and stand from the dollar store. I spray painted the once red frame with metallic copper spray paint. The sign says:
"10.18.2008 is Sweetest Day

A holiday celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes region and parts of the northeastern United States, Sweetest Day takes place on the third Saturday of every October. It is an occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember not only the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed.

To thank you, our friends and family, for joining us on this sweetest of all Sweetest Days we would love for you to enjoy some of our favorite sweets."
So, I know what you are thinking. "OMG Candy! Also, those are not your 'wedding colors' Mrs. Pineapple." Instead of trying to find candy that matched the decor (which really is only the paper goods at this point...) we picked out our favorite candy of all time. Some of the candies we included are: Giant Pixi Sticks (my mom once asked my dad for a sun roof in her mini van so she could eat them while driving), candy necklaces, ring pops -- get it?, bubblegum, giant lollipops, skittles, twizzlers, starbursts, caramel apple pops, sour straws, reese's, assorted chocolates, taffy, sour straws and little chocolate sports balls. Mr. Pineapple does not endorse the candy necklaces saying they remind him of a frat party. Now I didn't know him when he was in undergrad, but if he means what I think he means, I hope people are eating each other's necklaces.

We bought most of the candy at a candy distributor in Altoona, Pa and most of the glass containers at the dollar store. After all was said and done we spent about $80 on candy and $30 on containers.

I am so excited about the candy table and even though it isn't as chic as some others I think it will most definately be a hit. We have an open bar, but really, you're not going to find me there when all this candy is around!

If you are having a candy buffet, did you chose candy based on color or your favorites? Also, do we get your stamp of approval Mrs. Eggplant?


DK Designs said...

LOVE IT!!! It's not your colors, but very fun.. and besides, it's all about the "SWEETEST DAY" concept. Great... I feel like a kid again!

Mrs. Designher said...

Ohh this looks DELISH!! I could just dive right in :)