Thursday, October 16, 2008

Centerpiece Mock-Up

Remember these?
Well, I can't even tell you how many hours I slaved over these coffee filter roses. Then we moved and the box was stored in a closet for a couple months. Yesterday I pulled out the box to mock-up the centerpiece and all the flowers were smashed. They are very light so they couldn't have smashed each other. I don't know how it happened, but it wasn't good. I was able to salvage just barely enough for our centerpieces.

In addition to the paper roses the centerpieces include these crazy (and borderline tacky, let's be honest) copper leaves/sticks and candles atop mirror tiles from Ikea.
(ignore the plastic wrap left on the mirrors)
I am pretty happy with the outcome. It is warm and cozy and has that handmade feeling I love. The tables we are using are rectangular 6 person tables with big cushy chairs. So that alone will give the reception an intimate feel, plus scarves and candle light --mmmmmmm.

As far as cost goes I wanted to keep each centerpiece around $10, but with a decrease in the number of tables we have the individual cost went up a couple dollars. The flowers cost about $30 total, the copper sparkle plants were about $30 total, the mirrors were $1.20 each and the candles were $7/table. Making each centerpiece cost about $12.20.

Now as long as the candles don't burn down to the mirror and catch the flowers on fire and burn down Pittsburgh, we'll be in good shape! hrm.

Are you going for a fresh flower alternative for your centerpieces?

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DK Designs said...

Beautiful job on the centerpieces. Best Wishes!