Monday, October 6, 2008

Clay Flower Completion!

Diane worked like mad all week to finish the clay flowers for our wedding. Over the weekend she sent me many photos of the final products. They should arrive on my front step by Wednesday!
In addition to being an amazing flower sculptor, her photos are absolutely top notch. She said that while working on this order she really felt like a florist with the vases and vases full of flowers throughout her home.
Here is my beautiful bridal bouquet! It's so lush and fluffy and pretty! I cannot believe all the detail in every flower. Each of the tuberose has 21 petals, the ranunculus have 20-25 petals each the roses have 20-25 and the peonys have 25-30. Plus she made 112 clay stems and all of those stephenotis flowers. Multiply all those petals by 6 bouquets and 12 boutonnieres/corsages and you have a lot of sculpting to do.

All of the bridesmaids bouquets are slightly different. Since the girls will all be wearing different little black dresses, I thought it would be fun to keep their bouquets from being identical as well, and Diane agreed.
Here is a photo of Mr. Pineapple's bout. It is going to look great with his copper tie.
Like the girls, the boys will all be wearing different gray suits. They will vary from light gray to very dark gray. We purchased their ties, all in the same cooper and champagne color pallette, but with different patterns. So, in keeping with the variation all the bouts and corsages are also different.

Many of you have asked about Diane's pricing. Like fresh flowers, the price of a clay bouquet really depends on the type of flowers you would like. (The only difference is with clay you can have penoys in October and they will never ever die.) Her bridal bouquets range from $175-$400. Bridesmaids bouquets range from $65-$200.

Is anyone else having a fresh flower alternative for their bouquet?

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Andrew said...

Awesome creation..!! These flowers are not looking artificial