Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mom Pineapple Did Me a Huge Favor

She did 95% of the work for the scarf favors herself! Really the only thing I did was design the tags and draw the lines for her to cut along. Mom Pineapple is a crafting queen and you can bet the lines she cut were perfect. She even counted the tassels on each scarf to make sure they all had the same number. Intense!
I know it is creepy when people dress their pets, but Rooney is different, he loves fashion. Last night he jumped onto our bed with his sweater in his mouth and lifted his paws so I could put them through the sleeves. You'll see him on season 15 of Project Runway.

So here is the step my step guide to making Scarf wedding favors:
Each scarf is 8 inches wide, so you can get about 4.5 scarves per yard of fleece. I was able to get the fleece on sale at Jo-Ann fabrics for about $3/yard. Each scarf costs about $0.67 for fabric.Then I spread the fleece out on my floor and used a yard stick to very very lightly draw lines every 8 inches. As you can see, Harrison the cat helped by getting the fleece all fury and playing with the yard stick.
Then Mom Pineapple then cut the scarves apart.
The next step was to cut the tassels. No need to draw cut lines for this part because any variation would go unnoticed. At this point you have a scarf!I had a hard time finding a local screen printer so I called Sister Pineapple in NYC to rescue me. She made tags for her own scarf project last year. She went back to that screen printer and had him make tags for me. They are brown ink on a thick white fabric. I made the file that she gave to the printer in Adobe Illustrator.Then Mom Pineapple used fabric glue to glue the tags to the scarves. You can then sew all the way around the tag, but the fabric glue works pretty well. We attached two tiny buttons in opposite corners of the tags, just in case.Now just do all of that 100 times and you are done! We are probably going to drape them over the backs of the chairs in the dining room. I think it will be so nice and cozy with all the fleece and candle light.
I cannot thank Momma P. enough for her many many hours of hard work on this project!

Did you make handmade favors?

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DK Designs said...

Love the scarves. Great idea and what a wonderful/useful favor to receive... Your mom is such a big help!