Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mailbox Card Box

Beyond the copper in our wedding, Mr. Pineapple and I really love the use of copper in other elements in our home. Someday we are going to be billionaires and have copper all throughout our fabulous kitchen. When it came to the card box I thought it would be cool to use a copper mailbox that we could then use for real mail. Once I began searching though, reality hit, copper mailboxes are crazy expensive. So, I made one for $15.

As you can see, I used an inexpensive black metal mailbox and copper metallic spray paint. The paint actually covered pretty nicely. I used many many very light layers to make sure there were no drips.

There was one mishap during the painting process. After I painted the back and walked away, it blew over and got newspaper stuck to it and I couldn't get it off. I spray painted over it and hopefully no one will look at the back of the box. :)
Card box. Check!

Our coordinator is going to put the card box out of site once all the guests have arrived so we do not have to worry about any sticky fingers.

What are you using as a card box?

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