Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photo Projects: Table Numbers & Guest "Book"

A while back I asked the hive for suggestions on how to incorporate our herd of animals into the wedding. Many of you suggested doing something with the table numbers, so I did.
I purchased 2-sided frames from the dollar store and used my photo printer to create the images. On one side is just a photo of either Rooney, Harrison, Onyx or Zazu.
And on the back is the name of said pet and the number. This was a surprisingly quick and easy project, especially with the help of Momma P.

Next we have our photo guestbook. I had grand ideas for the guestbook, possibly a sketch book. In the end we decided to go with a photo people can sign around to keep things simple. The logistics of something so complicated and possibly messy as a guest book were just too much to worry about. We put it in the frame and removed the glass. We are having a rather small shindig (70 guests) so there should be plenty of room to sign.

Are you incorporating photos into some of the details of your wedding?

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