Monday, September 29, 2008

Clay Flowers in Progress!

When I first stumbled upon Diane's work I was amazed. I thought it would be cool and funky to have clay flowers, plus it was one less thing I would have to worry about. Having the flowers created and delivered before the wedding left out any surprises you may get from a florist on your wedding day. So, it seemed unusual, safe, affordable and a little off beat. It wasn't until Diane sent me photos of the flower mock-ups a few months ago that I really became excited. Blown away doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about her work every time.

Well, with most of her summer weddings out of the way Diane has begun work on the flowers for our wedding. She has been working all day everyday since Saturday and sending me photos to document her progress. Here is what she has accomplished so far:
First she made the tuberoses. Each of the 40 flowers has 21 little petals. The detail is truly amazing.

Next she began work on 60 pearl-centered stephanotis flowers, a creamy white peony with golden center cake topper, peonies, champagne peach roses and white/green ranunculus. For the photos she decided to put them into a bouquet similar to what the final result will be.

The cake topper was a little bit of a late addition. After we picked out our wedding cake, I kept picturing a big white peony on top. So, I e-mailed Diane and she added it to my order. Left on her to do list for my bouquet is the copper colored roses, then she can start the flowers for the 5 bridesmaid bouquets and 9 corsages/boutonnieres. Whew...

Now that Mr. Pineapple and I are already married, I can safely say this is the part of the wedding I am most excited about!

What part of your wedding are you looking forward to the most (other than marrying your significant other, of course)?

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Johnson said...

Nice creation ..!! Clay bouquets are looking so beautiful.