Monday, September 29, 2008

All Dolled Up

Requisite before shot, I think I like this look even better.

When it came to having my hair and make-up done for the wedding I had a plan, a good one, but no back-up. So, when it came to the hair trial I was really hoping things would go well.

Our wedding is going to take place in down town Pittsburgh. The club that is hosting our festivities, and where we will be getting ready the morning of, is on the 4th-7th floors of the building. Coincidentally, there is a hair salon on the second floor. The salon is part of a regional chain called Philip Pelusi. I have been going to two different branches since moving to Pittsburgh and have always been very happy with the results. The price is right too, about $35 for your average haircut and style.

I had my trial scheduled for the morning of my bridal shower so that I had a reason to looked fancy pants. It also worked out well because I could confirm with my friends whether or not it was the right look for me. Mom Pineapple came along with me and also had her hair cut. She is almost as bad as I am when it comes to going to the salon, for her it had been a year since her last cut and for me 18 months.

Here are two of my inspiration images:
She first dyed my hair back to what is probably my natural color, a deep brown. Then she cut off about 4 inches, my hair was in bad shape. Then she straighten and curled it, putting it halfway up like in the second photo. It just didn't feel like me. I look a lot younger than I am to begin with (in fact, the stylist thought I was the 17 year old little sister of the bride from another bridal party who was in there at the same time we were) and it made me look even younger. I felt like a middle school homecoming queen or something, not a bride.

So, I asked her to take it down. Sorry the photo is fuzzy, my mom's camera seemed to be on the fritz.
Soft and simple, done and done.For make-up I didn't bring any of my inspiration photos with me, I just used some of the key phrases you all taught me. :) I pretty much just told her that I was thinking I would like warm colors and nothing too over the top. She said, oh good, me too!

So here is the final result:
Self-portrait in a mirror, perfect for my new myspace photo.

What do you think? Did you have your hair trial on the morning of a special occasion?

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DK Designs said...

Gorgeous, but you're supposed to be smiling! :) Can't wait to see you in your beautiful gown... Hello.... my flowers will not be stealing the show... They will be complimenting YOU! :)