Monday, September 29, 2008

A Wedding in a Week: Getting Ready

After this post, it is time to say goodbye to our wedding in a week and get back to planning our October wedding. I just wanted to share with you some final photos and tidbits, beginning with a little better shot of my dress:
The reason for the wrap was two fold. Since I didn't have time for any alterations the fit was not quite right. The top of the dress was a bit too loose. No one else probably would have noticed, but it made me more comfortable to wear the shall. I am going to take it to a seamstress to add straps before it makes another appearance for the rehearsal and dinner. The second reason was the coming of fall. It was a bit chilly out and I felt silly bearing so much skin.

When my parents were married my paternal grandmother made a hanky for my mom to carry with her down the aisle. She tucked it into her waistband and I pinned it under the lace of my gown.
My grandmother passed away when I was 8 years old, so it was really special to have something that she made with me.

Getting ready was not the normal big to-do for this wedding. Mr. Pineapple left about 20 minutes ahead of me so I could slip on my dress without him seeing and add a little lip gloss. As you can see, I decided to wear my glasses fearing I would start to cry and loose my contacts.

Did you carry anything special with you down the aisle?

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