Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1 Little, 2 Little, 36 Little Wedding Cakes

Since Sister Pineapple/Maid of Honor lives in New York, Mom Pineapple and I are giving her a hand by doing some of the bridal shower projects she had originally planned to do when she got here. One of which is the one I had heard whispers about a couple months ago: a wedding cake decorating contest! I know the games are usually a surprise, but I am glad to help out my sister. I can't imagine her doing everything the night before the shower.

Sister Pineapple bought two of these Wilton Mini Wedding Cake pans from and sent them to me. So, Mom Pineapple and I bought 7 white cake mixes, a couple dozen eggs and 14 tubs of frosting. Yeah we cheated, these cakes aren't from scratch. Just don't tell Martha, okay?
It is times like these that I really want that stand mixer we registered for. This mixer is quite powerful though, I am pretty sure the low setting could still mix concrete.

The cakes were much bigger than I had pictured. Each wedding cake used about the same amount of batter as two cupcakes.

Of course they baked up all poofy, so we cut the bumps off of the tops so they would lay flat when time to decorate.

Voila! 36 mini wedding cakes! It took a few hours and it was not the only baking project we did yesterday, but more on that later. My sister and I both have backgrounds in fine arts, so maybe that is why we are so excited. Or maybe it is because it is the only part of the shower I know about. Either way, I am looking forward to tapping into my inner Ace of Cakes!

Did you help out with any of your bridal shower planning?

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