Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Wedding in a Week: Bouquets

Since our wedding was planned in such a whirlwind, I didn't have time to show you all of the finishing touches. For my bouquet Mr. Pineapple and I went to the local grocery store and picked up some flowers. I picked a big bunch of funky purple and green flowers.
I just started with one flower/stem at a time and clustered them together, trimming the stems as I went. When I got about half way through the flower bunch I wrapped the stems tightly together with floral wire. Once finished with the bunch I wrapped it once again with floral wire at the top and at the base of the stems.
Here is Dad Pineapple doing a lovely job modeling the bouquet. (Fun fact about Dad Pineapple he owns over 50 plaid shirts, the vast majority of his wardrobe.)

Next I wrapped the stems with champagne satin ribbon. Originally I thought I may need to use hot glue periodically to hold the ribbon in place, but it turned out I didn't need to. I wrapped from the top of the stems to the bottom and then back up again. It's not a perfect job, but it was good practice for when I wrap my clay flowers.

Then I used pearl-headed pins to secure the ribbon. The pins were in the jewelry making section at Michael's, it took me a while to find them. I just kind of eye-balled a straight line, again not perfect.

Here is the finished handle:I just kept the bouquet in a glass with about an inch of water until the ceremony.

For my our flower girl (Mother in Law Pineapple) and matron of honor (Mom Pineapple) we purchases half dozens of roses. Our flowers girl's were pink, her favorite color and the MOH's were yellow, the color of the flowers at her own wedding.

While we are on the subject of flowers. Here is a shot of my hair flower for those of you wondering what it looked like in action:
Did you DIY your bouquet or handle?

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