Monday, September 29, 2008

Showered with Love: Cake Contest

See that sign in the background? It says "Best Wishes Ryan & Emily" Bridesmaid Katie made that sign by cutting the letters out of pink paper. The amazing part if she didn't even draw them on the paper first, she just started cutting, even the ampersand. Very impressive. (For those font nerds out there Sister Pineapple and I called the letters Comic Serif :) )

A couple days before the shower, Mom Pineapple and I baked mini wedding cakes for a cake decorating contest. The morning of the shower my bridesmaids and I mixed up different colors of frosting and filled decorating bags. Then each guest got a mini cake and we passed around the frosting.I'm pretty sure this messy contest was a hit. We had prizes for the prettiest, most creative, most unusual and most colorful cakes.
My Aunt Laurie won for most colorful cake. We wanted her to be able to win a prize no matter what her cake looked like, so Sister Pineapple and I made up the most colorful category after seeing her finished cake. She loves sprinkles, a girl after my own heart.
Nana Pineapple won for most unusual because her cake was decorated with two hearts, but it was upside down. When I picked it to win the prize I assumed that the creator did it on purpose, turns out, not so much. Sorry Nana! :)

Bridesmaid Kim won most creative for her alien cake. She has been drawing this peanut-like alien for almost the entire time I have known her. It makes several appearances in year books as we grew up. Nice work Kimmy.

Next up we have the prettiest cake belonging to my friend Lisa. Lisa just got married herself so she said she had spent a lot of time recently looking at cake designs.

And for the curious here is a shot of my freckles and my cake, it's plaid.

What is your favorite bridal shower game?

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