Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wined and Dyed

A little while back I asked for the hive's help in trying to decide what color to dye my crinoline/slip. After reading your suggestions to dye it yellow or orange as a nod to my pineappleyness, I thought it would be funny if I tie-dyed it like this:
It's a pineapple!

However, when I saw Miss Avocado's post about helping her friend dye her crinoline, I fell in love with the wine color. I thought it would look just oh so pretty with the color of my gown. Plus, trying to dye my crinoline like a fruit could have been a nightmare.

So, this weekend Mom Pineapple, the washing machine and I got to work.
Here is a before shot of the slip. Clean and white and not too much fun.

We used two bottles of the RIT liquid dye to make sure the color turned out nice and bold. I was hoping for a deep wine rather than a pink.

We did not have to add salt to the mix because the fabric is 100% nylon.

While Mom Pineapple read the instructions, I gave the slip a bath in good old fashion spring water.

Finally time to stuff the washer. Mom Pineapple dove in and started loading the poof, but soon realized she would need a tool in order to keep her hands from being dyed. So, she reached for one of the only tools in our combination laundry room/bath room -- the plunger.

She was worried about dying the plunger. So I had to remind her what a plunger was used for and that wine colored dye was the least of a plunger worries.

After two agitation cycles and three rinse, project color my crinoline was completed! You may notice that we did some tie-dying after all, on accident. The top of the slip is splotchy. Not pretty, but no one will see that part anyway. The bottom came out pretty evenly dyed:
Seeee? We should have taken it out between the two aggitation cycles and untwisted everything, but we didn't. Overall I am so excited, the color is very bold and it will be fun to wear on our wedding day. Also, it looks awesome with the color of my gown (click here to peeking Ryan).

Did you color your crinoline?

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