Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner

When Mr. Pineapple and I started dating, we both lived in Pittsburgh's Southside neighborhood. The southside is an extremely quirky place, popular among hipsters and bar flies. The southside was first developed in the 1760s when it was known as Birmingham. Most of the buildings on the main drag, E. Carson Street, have their original facades thanks to local historical groups.
The very first place Mr. P and I went together, other than work, was Smokin' Joe's Saloon on the southside. We met there for happy hour on a Thursday and then pretty much every day after that. (I'm not kidding, Smokin' Joes got at least 6 months worth of our paychecks.) Yep, our relationship blossomed surrounded by IPA and chicken fingers. We were both sad to leave the neighborhood several months later, but at the time, it was for the best.

There was no doubt then where our rehearsal dinner should be held. We are familiar faces at Joes and they offered to let us take over the second floor for the dinner. They certainly have nothing fancy at Joes, just bar food and over 60 beers on tap. Most of my family are not drinkers, I am not sure when the last time my folks stepped foot in a bar would have been - if that have ever stepped foot in a bar. However, their "sweet and smokey" dipping and wing sauce is to die for and that is really what keeps bringing me back.

Since the dinner is upstairs I think it will be a great combination of laid-backness (*new word) and seclusion from the "bar scene" below. After food and toasts people can either head home/to their hotels or hang out until closing time.

Is anyone else dragging their fancy bridal party to a dive for the rehearsal dinner?

*funny side note: I googled "smokin joes pittsburgh" and a good chunck the images were of Mr. Pineapple, myself and best man Erik


Tiffany said...

We aren't dragging our family anywhere, actually. If you want to talk about laid back, how about having the rehearsal dinner catered by the one and only...Olive Garden. And having it set up in the church hall, buffet style. Talk about sheik! hahaha Actually, I'm happy with our decision. It's going to be very casual, but our church hall is pretty good size, and that was the issue when going to any other restaurants (our rehearsal dinner, alone, will be around 60 people). I LOVE your idea of going to a cool bar, having yummy wings, and kicking back with a beer! Our family/friends may end up going out after our casual dinner at the church, but given so many kids (7 kids under the age of 13 in our wedding), most will probably head back to the hotel after dinner.

Emily said...

That sounds like a super rehearsal dinner, i wish we could do something on location! joe's should be a pretty good alternative as long as we can get everyone across the river