Friday, July 11, 2008

Our New Home

We have finally decided that we will definitely be moving to Clyde, PA on August 2nd.
This new home marks our leaving apartments behind and will hopefully be our last rental ever!
The foyer. Ryan and I will be going up in a couple weeks to start the process of wallpaper removal, it should be be horrible fun.

This is the dining room, but it could also be the living room, they are mirror images of one another.
The living room.
The kitchen, pre-paint job
the pantry
now on up to the second floor

This well-lit red-floored room will be my new studio for creating all sort of lovely things.
the right half of the studio
Bathroom/Laundry room
Our Bedroom
The guest bedroom or whatever Ryan wants it to be

The room that will become our walk-in closet


This used to be the barn on the property (100 acres), but it is know the home of Ryan's friend's parents who will also be our landlords.

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