Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bridal Guilt

So, we are t-minus 12-ish weeks until the wedding and quickly approaching bridal shower and bachelorette party time. My wonderfully wacky sister Kristina and bridesmaid Katie are planning the shindig to be hosted at Katie's house. I have been mostly out of the loop on the plans for the parties, which is a-ok with me. (I have heard whispers about a possible mini-cake decorating contest, cheese, and certainly some line dancing!)

What is driving me nuts is not that I don't have any say in what is going to happen, but that I can't help. I feel quite guilty that all this time and expense is going into a party for me. My sister and two bridesmaids will be flying in for the weekend on top of whatever expenses come from the festivities. When in reality cheese and line dancing with a couple friends would be more than enough.

I get the same feeling when someone offers to help make favors or address envelopes or whatever. Can they really want to help or is this a pain in the bum for them and they are just being nice?

How do you get a grip on bridal guilt?

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Tiffany said...

I have the opposite problem - being that my bridesmaids (particularly my sister, my matron of honor, and my best friend, my maid of honor) both live in different states than I do, they WISH they could help more and just can't. So I'm feeling the guilt the other way a round about sort of way! My mom and I are doing just about everything, but I have people wishing they could do more. Either way, we are lucky to have people offering/wanting to help - whether they are being nice just for the sake of being nice, it's still nice to have people wanting to be involved. It's great your friends/sister is flying in for your shin-dig. Have fun!! Take lots of pictures!