Thursday, July 17, 2008

Color My Crinoline!

Ok, I need your opinion.

I have been trying to decide what color to dye my crinoline. At first, I was leaning toward a color that matched our wedding palette. Then I wanted something really vibrant and unexpected. If I had a favorite color it might be orange, but that changes so often I can't really go that route either.

Here are the dye options:
So, I am leaving it in your hands. What color should I dye my crinoline? (here is a reminder of what my gown looks like)

• Dark Green
• Kelly Green
• Teal
• Evening Blue
• Royal Blue
• Denim
• Navy
• Pearl Grey
• Black
• Aubergine
• Mauve
• Rose Pink
• Fuchsia
• Scarlet
• Wine
• Yellow
• Golden Yellow
• Ecru
• Taupe
• Tan
• Light Brown
• Dark Brown
• Tangerine
• Orange
• Aqua

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Jenna said...

Emily I have a post going up sometime this weekend about dyeing crinolines, so funny that we would both be writing about this at the same time!