Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Mrs. Corn introduced the bees, myself included, to Wal*Mart free samples, suggesting it would be a good source for bathroom basket items. I jumped on the idea and headed to Wal*Mart's website. One the site you can choose from a list of items (that is frequently updated). The items arrive in 4-6 weeks, so it takes some planning ahead.

After visiting Wal*Mart's site, I googled around a bit to see who else was giving away free samples. That is when I stumbled upon FreeSamplesBlog.com. It is updated daily with free finds across the web.
So here are the first two samples I received: Tampons and Deodorant. Fantastic!

I got some others, but they were too small to really include in a bathroom basket, like a packet of 2 Excedrin. I will put them to goo use though!

I also got a big ol' box of wonderful hair care samples from Mr. Pineapple's friend, Jess. Jess used to work at ULTA and read my post about my crazy frizzy hair. She then wonderfully offered to send me some of the free samples she had been given while working there.
She included some of the products you guys recommended like Fekkai and Ojon. I cannot wait to try them out, my hair is equally excited!

Has any one else taken advantage of free samples for a wedding project?

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